I'm a user interface designer, manager, tinkerer and an avid supporter of violent juxtapositions. I have twelve years of experience in software design and eight years of experience in team leadership, project management and sales. I have built the international design team at Sourcebits from grounds up, and I have been responsible for company’s innovation strategy, internal passion for quality as well as its design-led culture.

In 2006, I won an Apple Design Award for iClip Lite 2 Dashboard Widget.

I have participated in hundreds of client and internal projects wearing an assortment of hats: from a creative director, through product owner, interaction designer to a usability tester. As a leader and manager, I routinely build project teams, create and manage processes as well as instigating passion, creativity and self-discipline in members of all teams in Sourcebits.

I'm passionate about software with delightful, efficient and self-explanatory user interfaces. I love multi-layered design challenges. I believe in hands-on approach to designing, and letting design speak for itself through realistic interaction design prototypes. I strive to build things which prove their value by simply getting out of user’s way.


Outside of work, I feast on soul-enriching arts such as films with plot twists and bad endings, irregular, unpredictable and mostly eye-bleed-inducing music and heavy sci-fi literature. However, my main passion is mountain biking. My wife and I currently own a pair of beastly, black 2016 Santa Cruz Nomads — our steed, our life support kits and sources of unreasonably huge amounts of fun. We regularly swoosh through the air in renowned areas such as Skeggs Point, Soquel Demo Forest or Downieville, our screams for help tormenting local squirrels, deer and mountain lions.

Whenever an adventure doesn't seem to present itself for a prolonged amount of time, I simply mutilate my insides with extremely spicy food. My biggest success in this area of science was three bites of the Ghost Pepper (ভট-জলকীয়া) in 2010 in India, which resulted in severe mental and physical damage (along with a great deal of pleasure of course).

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