That's Polish for Peter.

The Pro

I have been designing and building apps for twelve years. I've built the international design team at Sourcebits from grounds up and I have been responsible for company’s innovation strategy, internal passion for quality as well as its design-led culture.

I won an Apple Design Award for iClip Lite 2 Dashboard Widget in 2006.

I have participated in hundreds of client and internal projects wearing an assortment of hats: creative director, product owner, interaction designer, usability tester — you name it, I am it.

I'm passionate about software with efficient and self-explanatory user interfaces. I believe in hands-on approach to designing, I'm not a corporate drone "design manager". I love to build and (in)validate ideas aggressively through UX prototyping and usability testing. I built the Sourcebits' design process to revolve around these principles.

Before becoming a pixel pusher, I worked in print and was lucky to have an opportunity to be the design director for Tone Industria, an alternative, independent record label in Poland.

If you'd like to learn more about my inspirations, creative process and history, check out this interview with me.

The amateur

However awful it may sound, I think the best way to summarize what I'm passionate about is to say I'm into violence. Not the act of harming another living being of course. Violence as an aspect of artistic expression. Irregular, unpredictable, loud and eye-bleed-inducing music. Films with grueling emotional arcs and bad endings. Stories with mind-bending redefinitions of character development or world physics. Any content that bends the common perceptions of concepts such as humanity, reality and technology, forcing me to break the usual mental connections and putting me in uncharted emotional states. Think Ghost in The Shell drowned in Meshuggah with a flare of Se7en and passed through a meat grinder.

My favorite out-of-chair thing is mountain biking. My wife and I own a pair of beastly, black 2016 Santa Cruz Nomads — our steed, our life support kits and sources of unreasonably huge amounts of fun. We regularly swoosh through the air in renowned areas such as Skeggs Point, Soquel Demo Forest or Downieville, our screams for help tormenting local squirrels, deer and mountain lions.

Whenever an adventure doesn't present itself for a prolonged amount of time, I simply mutilate myself with spicy food. My biggest success in this area of science was three bites of the Ghost Pepper (ভট-জলকীয়া) in 2010 in India, which resulted in severe mental and physical damage (along with a great deal of pleasure of course). Mind you — I don't want to show off, I just enjoy the pain (and search for flavors too, ha!).


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