I made a thing.

Having spent the majority of my pubescent years desperately trying to mimic OS X interface in various incarnations of Windows, I have special warm feels to UI tinkering of all kinds. The relatively recent release of Übersicht brought back the faith in rejuvenating the otherwise stale landscape of OS X customization. The app is free, maintained by the very kind and talented Felix Hageloh, and it happens to be architected in a way approachable enough for my poor, engineering-resistant brain. To be clear — I still believe CSS is a mess that should be nuked and re-thought from ground up, rather than refactored and Coffeescript feels like putting supermodel make-up on Frank's Pretty Woman.

However, the flexibility and freedom of Übersicht somehow pushed me to overcome these issues (which essentially are my own limitations, let's be honest) and build some stuff. So much fun. I encourage you to give it a shot if you miss the days of playing with Avedesk, Samurize, Rainmeter, or even Geektool.

I've recently released a group of widgets that I've been building, polishing and playing with over the past few months. The set contains the following:

  1. Playbox with iTunes and Spotify support (hides dynamically)
  2. Battery monitor
  3. Weather
  4. Time elapsed from an event counter
  5. 2x world clock
  6. Time until next calendar event (uses icalbuddy, hides dynamically)
  7. Calendar

They all support the spiffy-yet-absurd flexbox, come with free background blur and sport a somewhat understated and hopefully elegant look. You're welcome to check them out, if that's the kind of thing you are into.

You can also take a peek at the source code on Github or look at my other widgets. Also remember to grab Übersicht first. For your health!

Hit me up on Twatter if you have any questions or comments.